47" Cut Floating Deck Field Mower

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47" Cut Floating Deck Field Mower

* Three blade design for faster, smoother cutting
* Round back for close quarter cutting
* Free flex, floating design with skids allow mower to adjust to and follow contour of your ground.
* Adjust offset by sliding 3-Point mount left or right. This allows you to get closer to and/or under objects and trees. Offset is up to 6" left or right of center.
* Safety chains to reduces the danger of objects being thrown by the cutting blades.
* Breakaway blades and shear bolt protection drive shaft.
* Cuts material up to 1" in diameter
* Legal for non-agricultural mowing as safety rear chain guards are included free of extra charge.
* Ideal for cutting and clearing grass, weeds and even brush up to 1" in diameter
* Heat treated alloy steel blades that swing back when they hit something solid that they cannot cut
* Free flex top link connections provides for easy hook-up. Permits deck to follow the terrain for an even cut.
* Heavy solid steel blade mounting hub for years of durability
* Round back discharges grass better than enclosed or partially enclosed cutters

* Overall Width: 49"
* Cutting Width: 45"
* Overall Length: 53"
* Deck Thickness: 10 gauge / 3/16"
* Deck Height: 6"
* Running Skids: 3/16" x 2"
* Number of Blades: 3
* Blade size: 5/16" x 2 1/2"
* Blade Hub: Solid Steel Round Field Hub
* 3-Point Category: Cat I
* Weight: 375 lbs
* Gearbox Rating: 40 HP
* 04 Series Driveline: Shear Bolt
* Tractor HP: 15 - 30 HP

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