6" Gravity Feed Drum Wood Chipper 3pt

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6" Gravity Feed Drum Wood Chipper 3pt

Connects to 20* to 75 HP tractors, 35 HP+ for Maximum Capacity Farmer-Helper DW30 Drop-Feed Chipper is a compact, economically priced unit that will provide an excellent means of disposing of limbs, branches, and other debris. These units are popular rental machines, for the homeowner looking to clean up their yard in the fall and winter. This PTO powered unit is convenient in chipping in orchards and other applications where your tractor can take it. ECONOMICAL AND COMPACT. Adjustable Kick Back Protection Screen Extremely easy to service and maintain. Compact, cost effective machine that will efficiently dispose of trimmings up to 6” in diameter Easy Blade Change Large 6” x 9” chipper feed reduces need to trim off side branches. Great for homeowners, rental yards, orchards, and landscapers Produces is a nice varied chip good for laying as ground cover or for laying on paths and walkways. Solid Drop-Feed Machine Let gravity and the machine do the work by depositing brushy materials into the vertically-sloped drop-feed style in feed chute. 360 degree swivel discharge provides controlled chip direction to put chips right where they’re wanted. Drum with two dual-edged chipper knives and integrated air impeller system The chipper is equipped with a speed up gear that powers the rotor drum through 2 pulleys and dual Vbelts. Drop Drum Chippers can accept fibrous materials, like corn stocks .

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