71" Commerical Duty (Roadside) Open Rear Flail Mower Cat-2

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71" Commerical Duty (Roadside) Open Rear Flail Mower Cat-2

AGFN takes our AGF mower and adds an openable rear deck for faster mowing when you do not need fine mulching (it is also nice for changing blades) a holder for your hoses when not attached and a floating right side 3-point connection to allow the mower greater flex when following the contours of the ground. AGFN verge flail muchers are super heavy duty mowers designed for Cat-II tractors. They feature very heavy 43 ounce cutting blades that can chop heavy brush including grasses, debris, sticks, vines, branches and other wooded materials up to 4" in Diameter. The mower head is attached to a hydraulic arm allowing you to swing the mulcher beyond your tractors wheels. The head may be pivoted hydraulically up 90 degrees for hedge or hill side work or down 55 degrees for ditch or bank work. Connect it to our optional 4-way hydraulic control valve with a hydraulic float and the mulcher will follow the contours of the terrain. Cutting/ Working Width: 71" Total Width: 88.5" Min. HP Req: 55-85 hp Hitch: Cat II PTO Speed: 540 rpm Horizontal Extension: 7 feet 8.4 inches Vertical Extension: 7 feet 2 inches Minimum weight tractor & loader: 7000 lbs Gearbox rating: 85 hp

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