77" Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower EFGCH195

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77" Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower EFGCH195

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Farmer-Helper EFGCH195

Working Width
Good for many applications
Overall Width
Good for many applications
Min. HP Req
35 HP
Fits a large number of consumer, municipality & landscape tractors
Cat I
Allowing you to utilize your Cat I toplink & lift Arm 5/8" connection
PTO Speed
540 RPM is standard Cat I PTO Speed
Gearbox Rating
65 HP
Allows Cat-I tractors up to 50 HP to use this Mower
Heavy Duty Gearbox
Strong Cast Iron gearbox with steel gears will provide years of reliable service built in overrunning feature prevents mower from pushing tractor when power is disengaged
Knife Tip Speed
This provides for a clean cut & uplift you need to mulch pruning's, & cut down that underbrush or clear a path
3-pt Offset
3-Point Hitch may be attached at a position allowing you to change mowers right offset when looking at the mower from operators seat
Hydraulic Offset
Ability to adjust offset 15-1/2", 7-3/4 left or right of the 3-pt offset
The hydraulic cylinder permits the carrier frame to be moved under your command. This permits you to control the cutting position of the mower. Designed so that you can get around rows, trees, fence line, or whatever else is in your path. This is connected to a Remote Hydraulic designed to power the cylinder (also known as 2-way valve) or the rear remote on your tractor design to power the cylinder.
OPTIONAL Grass "Y" Blades (10 oz)
64 Blades
Reversible "Y" Blades with precise blade overlap is important to achieve an even cut result
INSTALLED Hammer Blades (27 oz)
32 Hammers
Allows you to cut & mulch wooded material up to 3"
Cutting Capacity
3" Diameter
With Hammer blades
Cutting Height
1/4 - 6
Variable heights allow you to set correct height for your application
Housing Thickness
Resist; denting & wear
Side Plate Thickness
1/4"/7 mm
Provides structural support
Reinforced Lift Point
Allowing you to raise & move Mower without implement being attached to your tractor
Roller Diameter
Utilized to adjust cutting height, greaseable bearings and rounded at the edges to prevent gouging during turns with mud scraper for positive height control
Rotor Shaft Diameter
4 1/2
Large diameter protects against being bent by obstructions
Reverse Rotor Rotation
Shaft rotation is forward. The knives cut forward and up, picking up the bent over grass, pulling in the tall grass & weeds, cutting & shredding the material & discharging it to the rear
Blade Swing
Large swing so that the blades build the required force needed for cutting
Balanced Rotor & Shaft
Increases the bearing life, minimizes vibrations, audible noise, power losses and finally it results in increased quality of product
Front Flappers
To prevent material from being thrown out from under the deck
Side Skids
Replaceable; protects sides of the mowers
Closed Rear Panel
Prevents rocks & other material from being thrown from mower under force & provides greater mulching of mowed material
No. of Belts
Multiple belts ensure a positive transfer of power to your flail mowers blades. Provides safety slip clutch point
External Belt Adjustment
Easy access to loosen or tighten a few bolts to apply tension, loosen to change the belts
3-Pt Cat I Connection Width
Allows for easy connection to a wide range to Cat-I hitch tractors
Driveline Type
Series 5 Quick Connect, Shear Bolt Std. 6-Spline
The shear bolt protects the mower from damage if the rotor becomes plugged. It is important to used the correct replacement bolt of proper size & strength to insure that the shear device will function properly.
Easy Access/Greaseable
Great for ease of maintenance and availability should you need to replace the bearings
Gearbox Lubracation/Capacity
3 Quarts
SAE 80W - 90 Gear Oil
2 Year
Parts available through Betst Products Parts Department
880 lbs
Crated Weight
920 lbs
Hydraulic Offset 77" FlailMower EFGCH195 Cat.1 3pt 30hp+ w/ Hammer Blades Installed

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Purchase Includes 2 Year Warranty

2 Year Extended Warranty Coverage Available for a Total of 4 Years for $200 more paid at time of purchase




Betstco IMPLEMENT's come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY There is also a 2 Year Warranty Extension Available at the time of purchase for a total of 4 years. We try to keep the warranty process simple, you need your machine to work. Most warranty Claims are resolved within 48 hours, normaly we just need pictures of the parts that have broken and a breif description of what was going on when it happened. Some parts are requested to be returned to us for inspection. This is a Manufacture Warranty Supported by Betst Products, llc. We provide support by phone or email during diagnostics, parts ordering, and parts replacement when neccessary. We try to stock all parts all the time, sometimes parts do run out, but we have orders being delivered every week, so if we run out you will not be waiting long for a part & Air Shipping is always available. We inspect all products before they are shipped, this way we catch most problems before the ship to you. Consumable & Expendable Items (Rubber & Plastic Parts, Hydraulic Hoses, Belts, Tires, Cables, Blades, Tines, Wedges, Teeth, Tips, Chains, and Pins) are covered under this warranty for a period of 90 days against breakage due to defect under normal use. Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps, Control Vales along with PTO drive shafts and Gear Boxes are covered under this warranty for a period of 365 days against breakage due to defect under normal use. FOR A COMPLETE COPY OF WARRANTY POLICY & REGISTRATION, PLEASE REQUEST BY EMAIL OR PHONE AT 1-877-876-7895 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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