Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Is there a sub-frame mount for this unit or is it strictly 3-point mount?

A: Our Backhoes use a custom 4th point hitch system that removes the requirement for a model specific mount. All that is necessary is to confirm that your tractors 3-point hitch can handle the weight of our backhoe that you desire to connect to your tractor. You can confirm this by a visit to

Q:Can any of your 6 -foot backhoes be attached to a subcompact tractor like Kubota BX 2660?
A:This is an interesting question. You tractor has 1210 lbs lift at the end of the 3 point arms, but only 670 lbs 24" out from the end of the arms. This is a very fast drop off of lift ability. The FH-bh6 has weight of 1060 lbs. so you can connect it, but we like to see a 20% safety factory or 1335lbs minimum at the ends. I cannot recommend this attachment to your tractor. If you must have a 6 foot dig. The black junk that TMI (eBay) sells only has a weight of 713lbs for the 6600 model. I do not recommend it. but it is the only 6' that may safely be attached to your tractor.

Q:What hp does the pto need to be to run the backhoes?
A:The BHM5 requires 12 hp the 6 & 7 foot models 15 hp and the BHM8 18 hp PTO

Q:Hello, could you please explain the difference on 7' backhoes between the B-HM7 and FH-BH7?
A:These backhoe models were purposely designed to be very similar so if we are out of one model or the other it is not an issue. This was done because in 2011 we have a factor fire that destroyed our Spring implement shipments. Came very close to going out of business because of no implements that year until May. Now we produce two version of our key products under two brands to make sure we are never without key products again. See the attached for a comparison of our backhoes to our major competators. If you need the extra force for digging stumps then it is the VL otherwise it is 6 of one or 1/2 dozen of the other. One other point of note is that FH-BH7 digs about 3" deeper than the VL-BHM7, The specification have not been updated yet to reflect this design change Operation is the same for both our brands. There are small differences as the BHM is based upon our original design going back to 1995 and has evolved. The FH is based upon the Kioti design and was first introduced in 2012. The Value-Leader BHM has greater force and is available in 4 sizes. The Farmer-Helper BH has a few nicer features. Like larger foot pads, hydraulic level view window, and fold up seat. Both our brands are great backhoes. The Value-Leader color is Red. The Farmer-Helper color is red-> orange.

Q:You list two 7'back hoes with same specs what is the difference? I want a hoe for a 40 hp kubota for general maintenance in rocky ground will either of these work?
A:A few years back we had a factory fire and almost went out of business due to no products until May. Our 6 and 7 foot backhoe models of both our brands are very similar on purpose. The 6 and 7 foot models have small design differences but are basically the same unit. The VL(Value-Leader) models use a spin on oil filter, the FH (Farmer Helper) use a washable screen. In the other sizes there are more differences. We only produces a 5 foot model for the sub-compact owners under Value-Leader and our most powerful and the most robust 3 point backhoe available is our 8 foot Value-Leader model. For those that want to dig deeper and move their tractor less but to not have enough tractor for our VL-BHM8 we make a lighter weight less robust 8 foot and 9 foot model under Farmer Helper brand. If you have any other questions please give us a call. One other point that may interest you. We rate our backhoes dig depth for 24" flat bottom trench. You will see that some of our competitors say that their units dig 6" more. That is because they are rating to deepest point possible. The way to compare backhoes is by maximum reach. Reach is what determines maximum digging death. Our units match or exceed the reach of all our competitors units.

Q:I have a John Deere 4200 serial no LV 4200c426054 tractor witch one these backhoes will fit this tractor with no hassle and what size bucket do you recommend?
A:Your tractor can accept the 6, 7 or 8 foot dig models either VL Value Leader brand or FH Farmer Helper Brand. Unless you need the extra force and depth of our 8 or 9 foot digging units, I personally feel that the FH-BH7 is the best overall backhoe value as it 120" reach is 6" greater than all competitive 7' or 7'6" and 18+" more reach than 6'units. That is 5% or 16% less often you need to move the tractor.

Q:Do your backhoes have a thumb attachment for bucket
A:We offer a manual thumb for all our 6 7 8 and 9 foot dig backhoes. We do not offer a thumb for the 5 foot sub compact model as many of the very small sub-compact tractors cannot safely handle the extra force that lifting a 650+ lbs with the backhoe fully extended can place on the tractor top link mount.


37" 3 Pt Tiller Cat.I 3pt 16+hp ~Adjustable Offset & Clutch Driveline(FH-TL95)
Q: Forward rotation or reverse rotation on the tines?
A: Standard Forward rotation. Reverse is normally for walk behind tillers and large cat-2 tillers where the digging depth can be easily controlled.

Flail Mowers

Product: 48” Flail Mower Cat.I 3pt 20HP+ Rating (FH-EF125)
Q: Is it possible to get this with the hammer/mulch blades?
A: Yes This mower will accept the Y blades the Mulching blades and the Hammer Blades. We do not recommend the hammers on this series as it will reduce the life of the bearings, but many that have copied us do sell them with hammers blades and we will install the hammers if you request for $84 and you will have both blade types. We will not sell you an extended warranty if you want the hammer blades. The EFG is the correct unit for light brush work & will do the job faster.

General Delivery

Q: hi i am interested in purchasing this product. my question is , can I have this delivered to a friends business as he has a loading dock and fed ex delivers there several times a day.
A: Yes!  You may have it delivered to any location of your choice.

General Questions

Q: Purchased a BX-42 Chipper last year. Used it a lot. Would like an owners manual. Please advise price, and who to contact.
A:They are available for download off on our new website. If you want a printed copy it is $15.00