Pow'R'kraft 4-Ton Log Splitter PK-65556

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Pow'R'kraft 4-Ton Log Splitter PK-65556

Pow'R'kraft 4-Ton Log Splitter

Model Number
This Power-Stroke Splitter provides portable power to split a cord of wood with ease
Fully Assembled; Ready to use
1500 Watts
Requires a Standard household circuit to operate
Motor Voltage
Single Phase
120 Volts AC 60 HZ
Motor Amperage
15 amps - 2 HP
Power Cord Length
Overload Protection
Built-in Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) protection
Maximum Log Length
Largest length you should put on the splitter to split
Maximum Log Diameter
10" (12" most wood)
Largest diameter you should put on the splitter to split
Maximum Stroke
Wedge Material
Strength & Durability
Wedge Size
Wedge Style
2-Way Compound Angle
Splitting the log in half
Replaceable Wedge
Sharpenable Wedge
Auto Return
Ready for the next piece when you release the controls
Hydraulic Filter
Internal System
Hydraulic Oil Included
Hydraulic Oil Type
22 wt
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir Size
.925 Gal
Maximum Pump PSI
2,320 lbs
Splitting Force
4 Ton's 8,000 lbs
The amount of pressure used to split the log
104 lbs
Delivered on a Full Size Freight Truck
37" L X 11" W X 20" H
Delivered on a Full Size Freight Truck
Available Accessories
Truck Hitch Receiver Stand
Utilizes your Truck Receiver Hitch to raise the splitter so that you can stand to operate the splitter
4-Ton Stand
This is a free-standing stand that you can use to be able to stand while operating the splitter
2 Year, Optional 4 Year
Extension available at time of purchase. Parts availabel at Betstco Products Parts Department


Order it Today ~ Have it in a Week

 Pow'R'kraft Electric/Hydraulic 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter model PK65556

Pow'R'kraft 4-Ton Log Splitter w/2HP electric motor is Simple, Portable and Powerful enough to Split a Cord of Wood in a Breeze.

Split's Logs 20" Long and 10" in Diameter (See PowRkraft 2-Speed 7-Ton for Larger Harder Woods)

Auto Return when you Release both Button and Lever

Delivered Fully Assembled and Ready to Use Outdoor or Indoor.

The reliable All Steel Construction and Heavy Duty Hydraulic Components will last One Splitting Season After Another.

Comes with 2-Year Warrant & 2 Year Warranty Extension Available for 4 Years Total

Splits Hardwoods & Softwoods: Alder, Ash, Birch, Cedar, Black Cherry, Cotton Wood, Fir, Elm, Hemlock, Madrone, Mahogany, Maple, Oak, Pine, Redwood, Spruce, Walnut


  • Dependable 1,500watt 2HP electric motor powered by household 15Amp Circut
  • Switch has Built in GFI to protect against overload (Reset-Button on Side of Switch Box)
  • 4 Ton's of Ram Splitting Force
  • Split's Log's 20" long and 10" diameter (See PowRkraft 2-Speed 7-Ton for Larger Harder Woods)
  • Auto Return when you release both button and lever
  • Simple safe operation time after time
  • All steel construction with heavy duty hydraulic components
  • Delivered to you Fully Assembled and ready to use
  • Customer Support Hotline, call toll free 1-877-876-7895 or email support@betstco.com
  • Comes with 2 Year Warranty, and a 2 Year Warranty Extension is available
  • Optional Stand and Hitch Reciever Stand available

 support staff available if you have any questions. 1-877-876-7895

Purchase Includes 2 Year Warranty

2 Year Extended Warranty Coverage for a Total of 4 Years for $50 more paid at time of purchase


Why Briggs and Stratton Engines?

In the PowRkraft line we only use Briggs and Stratton engines. The reason is the they're not a throw away engine. If something happens like someone leaving fuel in the engine while in storage, parts and service are available. I recently called the engine manufacture that is being used on a competitors landscape sweeper and when I told them I needed to have their engine on my sweeper serviced they said it would be cheaper to purchase a new engine. I asked about local service location and they do not have any for consumer engines. I asked for a carburetor rebuild kit and since they do not have service centers they do not have service parts. They did say I could purchase a complete carburetor but they have no one that they can refer me to for changing the carburetor, or even to clean out the current carburetor.

Pow'R'kraft Products come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY There is also a 2 Year Warranty Extension Available at the time of purchase for a total of 4 years. We try to keep the warranty process simple, you need your machine to work. Most warranty Claims are resolved within 48 hours, normaly we just need pictures of the parts that have broken and a breif description of what was going on when it happened. Some parts are requested to be returned to us for inspection. This is a Manufacture Warranty Supported by Betst Products, llc. We provide support by phone or email during diagnostics, parts ordering, and parts replacement when neccessary. We try to stock all parts all the time, sometimes parts do run out, but we have orders being delivered every week, so if we run out you will not be waiting long for a part & Air Shipping is always available. We inspect all products before they are shipped, this way we catch most problems before the ship to you. FOR A COMPLETE COPY OF WARRANTY POLICY & REGISTRATION, PLEASE REQUEST BY EMAIL OR PHONE AT 1-877-876-7895

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  • 5
    Ray Charles can see this was a good idea!!!

    Posted by Mack Foss on 09 20 2016

    Bought the 4 ton Pow R Kraft to further split wood for my pot belly stove Splitting was easy. I sharpened the blade...not really necessary. Great splitter for your job....have no intention trying to split large logs...that is what the 7 ton machine is for.

    Calls to customer service were answered promptly and my questions answered.....really please with my splitter!

    Thank you

    Mack in Utah

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